EisphorIA enables lawyers to save time in searching through textual data by deploying state-of-the-art AI algorithms which in a blink of an eye digitize, organize and classify documents into a highly secure, easy to use, searchable and collaborative platform.

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EisphorIA is pleased to announce its Data hub

A central repository of legal information made publicly available (in open data) by authorities. Start exploring with the power of contextual search and find the critical information much faster. Come back on a regular basis as we will be releasing new libraries in the coming weeks.



Have you ever felt exasperated by the time you spent searching for an information that you know is present in a data set?

Whether it is in publicly available data, in your internal knowledge or in the factual documentation accompanying your client cases, time is precious and struggling to find rapidly the information can become nerve-racking, especially when you need to move fast, answer your customers inquiries or deal with multiple client cases.

Worst, existing tooling might not be powerful enough or too cumbersome to implement to help you find the critical information.


EisphorIA has built on top of the latest breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU) an end-to-end SaaS solution which assists lawyers from day 1 to win costly time in their research work. Our highly secure, easy-to-use, searchable and collaborative platform puts all available data to work in hours, not weeks!

Our proprietary technology includes:

  • OCR algorithms, transforming all uploaded documents into machine readable format
  • NLP algorithms, working self supervised and hence entirely removing the lengthy training and data labeling process
  • Translation models, enabling researches in multiple languages.
  • Anonymisation and Pseudonymisation automating and accelerating your compliance or confidentiality requirements

Why us?

Find critical results with our contextual search
  • Search powerfully with keyword and natural language in multiple languages
  • Search in the entire data set, no risk of missing something important
  • Find precisely within a document with our heatmap
No coding, no pre-training, no data labeling
  • The tool works for you and not vice-versa thanks to our self-supervised algorithms
  • Free up your time and resources
Ready to use in hours, not weeks!
  • Start working as soon as data is uploaded and fully digitized
  • Ultra performant OCR, handle 100+ file formats
  • Modern interface for quick onboarding and broad adoption
Security by design and by default
  • Multi-level protection
  • Default policies forbid the not explicitly permitted
  • Any function reviewed from potential data breaches
No IT burden
  • Deploy on cloud or on-prem, you decide!
  • Effortless IT configuration
  • Easy integration with existing IT environment
Smooth user experience
  • Designed and built to handle quantities of data
  • Ultra fast processing thanks to our Anthill robotic architecture
  • AI robots treating their own part of the data and reporting back

Our products


Ever dreamed to proceed searches in a defined data set, supported by a powerful search solution? SearchMyDoc is deployable on any data sets you define and will guide you to the critical information.


Do you need to anonymize or pseudonymize documentation for GDPR and/or confidentiality reasons? With CleanMyDoc, fully automated, you accelerate your anonymisation and pseudonymisation tasks

Recent Cases

Efficient navigation platform for a litigation case

Transformation for a reputed law firm in 24 hours of a litigation pdf-dataset (+10k documents) into an optimal and dynamic library with best-in class AI search engine and collaborative features.

New-gen tax law library

Set-up of a tax law library for tax experts, empowered by AI algorithms, grouping more than 300k documents from relevant public websites (Fisconet, La Chambre/De Kamer, Eur-lex, Curia,etc).

New-gen competition law library

Set-up of a competition law library at the request of competition lawyers, empowered by AI algorithms, grouping more than 150K documents from relevant public websites ( Eur-lex, Curia, AdC, CMA, ACM,etc).

Covid-19 library

As a response to multiple research groups requests, EisphorIA has deployed its NLP-solution and allowed researchers to navigate in more than 95k of Covid-19 related scientific papers, being assisted by artificial intelligence.

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