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Are you ready to resume business? Have you run your pre-flight checklist?

This is the time where every organization is eager to hear from their respective governments their plans for deconfinement and  to finally relieve the economy.  Everyone is looking forward to resuming the prosperous pre-covid life and is preparing himself to operate at full speed as quickly as possible.  It is therefore the right time

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The power of context in “Modern Search”

While in the past traditional search engines worked with statistical models built around keywords and links, we now see a shift in content discovery from keyword based search to discovery based on context and intent thanks to the adoption of Natural Language Processing (NLP).  NLP basically focuses on transforming natural language into machine-computable information.

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Delivering our promises to the business without being a hurdle to IT

When we serve our customers, we have two objectives in mind.  Deliver our promise to the business: increase their efficiency when they undergo legal research and Equally important, be a great partner to their IT team delivering simple, intuitive and hassle-free solutions. It has now been a couple of months we are frequently talking

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