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Stop thinking your software is smarter than your user is!

A call for predictive output in software with respect to the actions taken. During recent years we have seen a lot of smart software developed, which should simplify the life of the user as it knows in advance what the output should be. This approach used to be very common for companies like

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Hello Legal World! Curious to know how in a few hours only new technology can elevate your knowledge management to an upgraded level?

We all agree that knowledge management is critical.  But, even if we are generally disappointed or even frustrated on the way it is organized, we tend to leave it “as is”, not being ready to spend time on something expected to absorb energy and money without any clear view on final results.  Now, with

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EisphorIA is pleased to announce its new interface, more intuitive, more efficient and more elegant. Why is UX design so centerpiece at EisphorIA?

At EisphorIA, when it comes to product development, there are 3 topics for which we are not making any compromises: Technology Security UX Design On these aspects, we are working relentlessly to produce the best of the best and to deliver on our promise: assist legal professionals in finding the critical information securely, swiftly

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