EisphorIA helps lawyers accelerate their legal research in any public or confidential data sets

Do you need to Investigate Competition law decisions from the EU Commission and/or from national authorities?

Interested to optimize your search in published case law from different countries?

The daily comfort of a lawyer is not to search but to find

What we do

Data extraction

You identify any (large) set of files (public or confidential) to investigate.

We extract the data or you upload it via a secure web interface.

We handle 100+ formats: PDF, Emails and many more.

Data parsing

As a simple push of a button, our AI algorithms process the files quickly and automatically

Texts are extracted, OCR is performed if needed

Content and context are entirely analyzed and understood

Data accessiblity & collaboration

An easy to use and secure platform is ready to use in a few hours only

Access the platform via your web browser

Invite your colleagues to efficiently and collectively find and share insights

Data Investigation

Search with context

Precise the context with words or text to find the most relevant results with less search iterations

Find in minutes the critical information and reply to your customers quickly and accurately

  • No coding, no labeling, no efforts from you, our disruptive technology based on self- supervised algorithms is working for you and not vice-versa.
  • Fully automated process: as a single push of a button, our algorithms are automatically deployed and a full fledge investigation platform is made available in your browser.
  • Modern interface for quick onboarding and broad adoption.
  • Precise the context with keywords or with natural language.
  • No risk of missing something, you search in the entire data set.
  • Find in multiple languages thanks to our in-house built translation module.
  • Multi-level protection.
  • Default policies forbid the not explicitly permitted.
  • Any function reviewed from potential data breaches.
  • Deploy on cloud or on-prem, you decide!
  • Effortless IT configuration and Self Operating.
  • Easy integration with existing IT environment.


EisphorIA can be deployed on any textual data sets.
What we do with public data can be done with confidential data in all security.
Internal knowledge
  • Quick deployment.
  • Easy integration with your document databases through API's.
  • Installation from the cloud provider of your choice or in your on-prem environment.
Client cases
  • Rapid upload and OCR processing of all your documents (pdfs, emails, ...).
  • Platform ready to use in a few hours only.
  • No training, no tagging required from you.
  • Automatic creation of new platforms.
  • Investigate only once all your data.
  • Build and augment your own database by selecting external/internal data sets
  • Create projects and Interact with colleages