Welcome to EisphorIA!

EisphorIA has been created in January 2019 with the conviction that true artificial intelligence can bring significant value to the daily search & analysis workflow of lawyers and that top-notch artificial intelligence should be easily made accessible to the market.

Converting this conviction into deployable applications would not have been possible without a mix of relevant expertise in different areas.

Let’s discover our founding team.

A robust team to deliver first class intelligent software and become your pragmatic choice for your business needs.

Edouard d'Oreye
Co-Founder & CEO

“Law is too subtle to be fully managed by artificial intelligence. But, surely, technology can significantly help exploiting the gold mine of legal data”. Edouard left his position as Tax Director at PWC to invest all its energy and legal know-how in EisphorIA. Leveraging on his background in the legal market and in the academic field as Lecturer (Solvay Business School – Executive Master Tax Management), he is there to ensure that our solutions fit adequately your needs and expectations.

Vsevolod Salnikov
Co-Founder & CTO/CSO

“Last few years have been extremely important for the progress of natural language processing and understanding. After an overview of existing tools for lawyers, it became obvious that they deserve to benefit from this progress.” Vsevolod is passionate on bringing high technological projects to life. His PhD is related to data analysis and after many years of applied research and full-stack development, his goal is to make EisphorIA solutions as powerful and nice to use as possible.

Olivier de Changy
Co-Founder & CCO / CMO

“Digitalisation is everywhere. The collision of Big data, accessible (cloud) computing and advanced analytics powered by AI produces new emerging technologies unlocking tremendous value for companies, EisphorIA is a perfect illustration”. Olivier left his career in the technology sector (Cisco & Microsoft) where he hold various sales and marketing roles. He relocated in the Silicon valley for 6 years where he truly fell in love for technology augmenting people. Olivier will bring his experience making sure EisphorIA generates the maximum value to the legal industry.