Self Supervised Learning, a paradigm shift to assist lawyers searching for the critical information.

We keep hearing the legal market needs to adopt more advanced technologies and in particular AI.  But AI has been there for a long time at least within large law firms who have invested  vast amounts of money.  It is particularly true in e-discovery where many solutions are out there for many years and

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Hello Legal world! Have you ever been confronted with pseudonymisation tasks?

Privacy and confidentiality are raising the needs to perform pseudonymisation tasks which are very often resource intensive and time consuming . If the second topic has always been a major concern, the first one has seen its importance raising significantly over the last few years with the implementation of GDPR among others. In this

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Hello Legal World! Curious to know how in a few hours only new technology can elevate your knowledge management to an upgraded level?

We all agree that knowledge management is critical.  But, even if we are generally disappointed or even frustrated on the way it is organized, we tend to leave it “as is”, not being ready to spend time on something expected to absorb energy and money without any clear view on final results.  Now, with

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EisphorIA is pleased to announce its new interface, more intuitive, more efficient and more elegant. Why is UX design so centerpiece at EisphorIA?

At EisphorIA, when it comes to product development, there are 3 topics for which we are not making any compromises: Technology Security UX Design On these aspects, we are working relentlessly to produce the best of the best and to deliver on our promise: assist legal professionals in finding the critical information securely, swiftly

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The hidden stakes of technology adoption in the legal sector

A few days ago, we shared on our LinkedIn Page, the blog “The Economics of Legal Tech”, written by Richard Tromans and published on  We found this article particularly interesting because it brought up the question of lawyers’ technological adoption under the angle of its economical/financial opportunity.  As mentioned by Richard Tromans “Why

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Are you ready to resume business? Have you run your pre-flight checklist?

This is the time where every organization is eager to hear from their respective governments their plans for deconfinement and  to finally relieve the economy.  Everyone is looking forward to resuming the prosperous pre-covid life and is preparing himself to operate at full speed as quickly as possible.  It is therefore the right time

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The power of context in “Modern Search”

While in the past traditional search engines worked with statistical models built around keywords and links, we now see a shift in content discovery from keyword based search to discovery based on context and intent thanks to the adoption of Natural Language Processing (NLP).  NLP basically focuses on transforming natural language into machine-computable information.

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Delivering our promises to the business without being a hurdle to IT

When we serve our customers, we have two objectives in mind.  Deliver our promise to the business: increase their efficiency when they undergo legal research and Equally important, be a great partner to their IT team delivering simple, intuitive and hassle-free solutions. It has now been a couple of months we are frequently talking

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