EisphorIA supports lawyers active in dispute resolution
Our modern, easy to deploy and intuitive solution modernizes the process of investigating technical and factual documentation associated with a case, whether it is in litigation or arbitration, making it easy to gather the information you need.
Lightning fast data processing

Rapid upload and OCR processing of all documents pdfs, emails, and others. The Platform is ready in a few hours only to allow you to react quickly to any down raids or to respond to highly pressing questions.


No training, no tagging required from you. The tool works for you and not vice-versa! Our algorithms are learning and understanding from the uploaded files. A powerful contextual search is available to you to quickly find the critical information.

Timeline and collaboration
Automatic creation of index (reproducing existing folder hierarchies), timeline and status of review progress. Interact with colleagues and co-counsels directly into the platform with flags, highlights and comments.
Deployment agnostic

You choose a "preferred" cloud provider or even your local IT infrastructure and we make EisphorIA work from there!

Work in full autonomy

You manage the creation of new platforms as projects are coming in and you define who should have access to them.

Flexible pricing

Sometimes a case can be in "sleep mode" for a few months. With our usage-based model, you only pay for the usage when you are active on the project.

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